Satya Sai Infrastructure - "A streamlined execution"

At SSI, we believe in the need to extend our business model not only to create economic value but also to make a sustainable impact on under-served communities through initiatives in health and infrastructure.

We understand our ethical responsibility.


Our employees are, first and foremost, the most integral part of SSI. Hence, we consistently make sure of each employee’s personal success through fair pays, benefits and growth strategies.

Business Practices

Unsustainable business practices have been putting our country and the world in grave danger for the subsequent generations. SSI avoids commending and engaging in any such businesses, especially that of oppressive countries.


SSI is also committed to protecting our environment by complying with international standards, reducing re-using and recycling whenever we can. We also encourage our employees and partners to follow our environmental stance.

We understand our philanthropic responsibility.


SSI’s health camp initiatives aims to provide free medical checks and medicines to those over 60 years of age in the rural villages of Ghanpur Mandal, Warangal District where SSI’s current projects are being located.Through this initiative, we engage trained doctors as volunteers and to this date have served over 300 senior citizens.


SSI’s infrastructure initiatives mainly aim to ensure safety and proper maintenance, well sanitized and hygienic conditions. We have undertaken the repairing of narrow public roads, drainage systems, small irrigation bandharas in Ghanpur Mandal, Warangal District. Further, we warrant the safety and good maintenance of our buildings, wells, tanks every quarter.

SSI has most recently partnered with three low-income government and private schools to take over their buildings’ infrastructure development through painting, repair works and installation of water management systems.

Below are the before and after pictures of the recent development activities done at a Govt. Girls Primary school. Mahabubia.